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root canal
Wait for the anesthetic to pass before eating. Avoid anything hard until your follow up appointment. you will experience pain and discomfort for several days after a root canal. take your medication as prescribed.  No hard foods until your permanent crown is placed.  If you experience extreme pain or worsening pain call us immediately.

For silver/amalgam fillings you must wait 1 hour before eating unless you are numb then you must wait until the numbness is gone.  You must wait 24 hours before eating harder foods.  The larger the filling, the more post op sensitivity you will experience and for longer periods of time.  If you experience a lot of pain or pain that worsens as time passes please call us immediately.  For white/composite fillings you may eat immediately unless you are numb. Large composites also have the same issues with sensitivity as silver fillings.

crowns and temporary crowns
you must wait  1-2 hours for the cement to dry before eating unless you are numb then you must wait for the numbness to pass.  for temporary crowns you must avoid anything sticky or hard and refrain from flossing while you are wearing the temporary crown.  with permanent crowns you can resume your normal eating and daily brushing and flossing.  

Local anesthesia 
there may be pain and swelling in and around the injection site(s).  do not do any chewing and avoid hot drinks while you are numb.  avoid rubbing or biting your lips and tongue while you are numb.  If the numbness lasts more than 24 hours please call our office immediately.  

brush and floss daily, maintain regular check ups and cleanings. 

bite/occlusal guard
wear the device nightly if possible.  the device is brushed and cleaned every morning in cool water and stored in a cool place.

Flipper (prior to implant treatment)
wear the device during the day.  it may need to be removed while eating depending on comfort and stability.  the device is cleaned with a brush and water.

dental implant
brush and floss regularly around the implant and avoid extremely hard foods and do not use your teeth as  tool.

do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application

stay biting on the gauze dressing for 30 minutes.  replace the gauze at home as needed until bleeding has stopped. tea bags may be used in place of gauze to stop the bleeding.  soft food only for the first 24-48 hours.  nothing through straw for 24 hours.  you may apply ice every 30 minutes for the first 24 hours.  heat may be applied every 30 minutes after that as needed.  finish all antibiotics as prescribed.  please call us if you experience anything unusual.

core/post & core
wait 1-2 hours before eating.  avoid anything hard until a permanent crown is placed.

perio/gum treatment
be careful with hard foods.  there may be sensitivity with hot and cold for several weeks.  tooth sensitive toothpastes can help with this temperature sensitivity.  you may experience tooth mobility as a result of all the bone damage from the gum disease.